Safe Locksmith

Safes protect your most precious belongings.  There are many different ways to protect your belongings from theft and fire damage.  A safe can do just that and has different properties:

  • Burglar resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Environment resistant
  • Can be located on the wall or floor or be portable
  • Different types of locks in a combination, key, time or electric lock

Safes are a really useful security device to have at home or in your workplace. In addition, taking your security into your own hands is the smart way to prevent theft.  Locksmith Pretoria SA is available 24 hours a day. We at Locksmith Pretoria SA can help, to prevent lockouts from happening.

Open your safe securely with Locksmith Safes in Pretoria and Surrounding Areas.  If you are locked out of your safe either by misplacing the key or forgetting the combination or the safe malfunctioning. Then our professional locksmiths at Locksmith Pretoria SA are able to help you.

This will help when sending out the appropriate locksmith, making our service as efficient as possible.  It might be very urgent that you get into your safe. So we can send our locksmiths out in approximately 30 mins or less.  Or if you’d like, you can schedule an appointment with a technician at a time that’s convenient for you.  Our technicians have to keep up with ever-developing technologies in order to keep providing you such special services. Our safe locksmiths are able to use the proper equipment and techniques to ensure that your property doesn’t get damaged.  We can guarantee that the service you receive from us is professional.  And the best you will receive in the Pretoria and Surrounding areas.

We can help you get into your safe using various methods depending on the type of safe you have.


We can also use Safe Manipulation, drilling and scoping to help with any type of safe. Some of the safes you get are below:


  1. Cash Boxes – cash box with lock, combination cash box, locking cash box
  2. Custom Safes – custom security safes
  3. Depository Safes – Providing robust drop depository safes and loading depository safes
  4. Floor Safes – Offering floor safes and home floor safes
  5. Gun Safes – gunfire safe, biometric gun safe, sentry safes, electronic gun safe, gun safes, handgun safes, stack on gun safe, used gun safes
  6. Record Safes - Record safes & documents safes
  7. Wall Safes – 24 hour repair of wall security safes, biometric wall safes, digital wall safes, electronic wall safes, hidden wall safes, home wall safe, wall gun safe, wall safes
  8. Fireproof Safes – fireproof gun safes, fireproof home safes, home fireproof safes, and small fireproof safes
Safe Locksmith Pretoria Services

  • Safe Opening,
  • Repairing,
  • Replacing locks

If you need your safe opened, repaired or locks replaced then our Safe Locksmith Services in Pretoria and Centurion will be able to help.

With in home safes and safety deposit boxes becoming more and more necessary at homes as well as at your place of business, we are familiar with all makes and models of Safe, Vault, Gun Cabinet or Deposit Box you may have in place and can happily replace keys, crack safe codes and replace locking systems as you require.


Safe Opening Service

Safe is a place where you can securely keep valuables such as cash, important documents and jewelry. If you are unable to gain access to the safe, don’t panic. You may be unable to open and access the safe due to a mechanical or human error. Our safe technicians use specialized tools to help you gain immediate access to the safe.
The different safe services offered by us include:

  • Combination change and recovery
  • Lock upgrades
  • General safe maintenance services

Residential Locksmith Pretoria services believes that the best way to protect the residential customers is by providing them security solutions and locksmith services that are best suited to their specific needs.
Our professional locksmiths can handle all kinds of residential locksmith problems. This ensures that you and your family is safe and secure at all times.